Our Story

The idea for KOSIN came about after a post surf coffee but is built on 20 years of friendship, shared values and the desire to share our stories and create something different... a brand that we truly believe in.
Spending so much time together over the years has forged a very strong bond. Our similar experiences came from two very different places. however... One, growing up in Cornwall within easy reach of the beautiful beaches of the West country. The other, growing up in Southern Africa, and for many years living on the banks of Lake Malawi, before moving to the South West of England.
It’s this joint connection with the wilderness, the beauty of wild water and the South Coast of England that we share. Being able to bring our own kids to the places where we spent so much time as youngsters and seeing their love of the beaches, the surf and being in the water, is a true blessing.
Kosin are on a journey to use our brand as a platform to help people to get out into nature, access the healing power of the ocean, to visit the wilderness and to experience this awesome way of life.

The Kosin Community

Imagine Kosin as the crackling bonfire on the beach with plenty of space for people to gather round, socialise and share stories of surf, travel, discoveries and common interests. Our aim is to engage with people of similar interests, creating a community of like minded individuals and sharing our stories together. Whether it’s chasing the swell for a week or simply gathering around a camp fire with the family.  We want to share what we are passionate about. We hope that this will resonate with others and in turn will inspire them to do the same and bring people together.

The Desire to Roam

There is an innate sense of adventure within us all, to escape, to wander, and to connect with both people and nature. We all feel our best when we’re outside, whether it be near the ocean, a lake, a river, on a mountain, or simply strolling through the countryside. Very much like the tide itself, we are often drawn back to the coast, to re-connect with the ocean and feel the energy of the nature that surrounds us.  The ocean is a place that allows us to simply let go. It brings a sense of peace and tranquillity to the soul. The sound of the waves upon the beach, the salty breeze in the air and the motion of the water in the swell. We sit on our boards staring at a point on the distant horizon waiting for the next big wave. It’s at this point that there is a sudden realisation of insignificance when it comes to mother nature. It is a powerful beast that has to be respected and cannot ever be tamed.

Escape into Nature

The great outdoors, and specifically the ocean, are vehicles for positive escapism. We believe that the time spent disconnecting from the stresses of our every day lives and re-connecting with nature is vital for our physical and mental health.

Every journey we take is another chapter in a storybook...