Dom Di Lallo - Origin Surf Co

Dom grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He started surfing at the age of 14 and from his first tentative paddle was hooked.
In the years that followed Dom cut his teeth on Victoria’s surf coast and would regularly make the 2 hour journey before or after work to surf (and on weekends) as often as he could… and was lucky enough to call world famous Bells one of his local spots!

At the age of 19 he became obsessed with surf craft design, and after talking incessantly about shaping his own board, was gifted his first blank by a friend for his birthday. And so the love affair began.

Travelling surfing and shaping continued to be an ever present passion through his 20’s whilst he worked in other industries, before moving to Sydney’s northern beaches to pursue a career in board making.

While there he honed his skills thanks to extensive experience working with some of the most renowned craftsman on behalf of the most prestigious shapers in the world.

2017 saw him move to the UK and he soon after founded Origin Surf Co. with one simple idea in mind; sometimes, you need to look backwards to look forwards.

For decades surf craft design has evolved and many design theories have come and gone. Dom's obsession with design comes from exploring what happens when you apply some of what we know from modern surf craft design, to older design philosophies.

At Kosin we heard of Dom via the Bristol shapers collective, as well as the UK surf show podcast, in which he discusses the anatomy of the surfboard and went on to make the hosts some boards of their own. We got in contact with him, started a general chat about surfing and the industry from his perspective, and that led to asking him if he’d be willing to appear in our launch video and he happily said yes!

Couldn't have wished for a better quote from the dude himself "it was super fun working with Kosin, they are cool chilled guys and I love their brand"

Dom Di Lallo - @origin_surf_co