The Top 5 Ultimate Nature Bucket List


In December 2022, one of our illustrious Kosin founders Joel celebrated a milestone birthday (he doesn’t look a day over 39, we’re sure you’ll agree!).  Reaching these milestones often give you the opportunity to reflect on the past decade and what you have achieved and enjoyed, as well as look forward to what you would like to get out of the next 10 years. 

One way to do this is to think about your bucket list.  In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a bucket list is a list of things you want to experience or achieve in your life at least once.  It’s usually all about the experience and we, at Kosin, are big on nature and all that we can enjoy in the great outdoors, which is why we create warm, stylish, nature inspired clothing.

So this got us to thinking… What would our Top 5 Ultimate Nature Bucket List be?

1. Sky-dive

This is not for everyone.  This is the ultimate adrenalin rush.  It’s like nothing else you could experience.  You are attached to your pro sky-diver for the tandem experience so you don’t have to train for this.  The plane or helicopter goes up with you in it.  Climbs to about 12,000 feet and then the door opens.  It’s a surreal feeling looking out on the world and then out you tumble.  The minute you can open your arms out and take in the view in free-fall is one of the most exhilarating, surreal 45 seconds of your life!  The views, the feeling of just hanging in the air, the noise, the WOO HOOO!  

Then the ‘chute goes up and it all goes quiet and you gently drop to the ground, with many people landing on their feet like stepping off a bus.  This is the ultimate adventure. 


A little more “on the ground” this one.  Much calmer but a great way to really experience the great outdoors.  It’s not for everyone so if you are “anti-roughing-it” you could try glamping as the UK is more than equipped for this with many fantastic glamping choices all over the country.  You don’t even have to put up a tent!  If you are a little more adventurous, you can camp in your own tent and take everything with you to a campsite.  Or, for the really adventurous, wild camping is the most intrepid. 

The name says it all, wild camping is camping in the wilderness and not at a campsite.  All you need is a tent and a sleeping bag!  Whatever else you bring to make the experience your own is up to you.  Food, a stove, whatever, but make sure you bring plenty of layers as, even in the warmest summers, the temperature can drop in the night.  Choose your spot carefully, away from people so you don’t disturb others.  It could be a forest or a national park or somewhere near a beach.  But always make sure you clear up afterwards and leave no trace to protect our wildlife.

There’s nothing quite like sleeping under the stars and wild camping offers a beautiful adventure.

3.Kayaking or Canoeing

Another serene and relaxing activity is kayaking.  Here at Kosin, we are big fans of water-sports.  When we’re not surfing, we like to try other water-based activities and Kayaking is easy for everyone to try!  As your oars cut through the water and you pick up a good pace, it’s a really good way to explore local waterways or calm seas off local beaches like the south coast.  They are pretty cheap to hire and the quiet is great for clearing your head and relaxing your mind.  This is a fun thing to do with friends, family or on your own for the ultimate peace.


A great way to explore new places, get a workout and clear your head from the daily hustle and bustle of modern life, is hiking!  It can be anything from a fairly short walk through the woods or fields, or a more serious past time with maps and trails and walking boots!  We live in a beautiful country with so many gorgeous views and sights to experience so this could be something you could do regularly.  It’s also a great way to see “bucket list” places.  Hike the Grand Canyon if you can!

The main things to remember are to take plenty of water and snacks.  A first aid kit would be handy just in case!  Be prepared, if you are hiking a new place, have a look online for any extra advice or tips for that route.

The world is a huge adventure to be discovered so go discover it!


We know, predictable eh, but surfing is something that everyone should try if you are able to!  The feel of a wave breaking under your feet, the spray of the water on your face, the exhilaration of being at one with the ocean.  It’s exercise, it’s escapism, and it’s life changing!  If you are new to surfing, join a lesson.  It’s easier than you think but ideal to get an instructor to start with to show you the basics.

If you feel your fitness levels aren’t the best or that you aren’t as confident in the water, body boarding is a great alternative and much easier.  There is still a knack to catching the wave but when you do and it takes you right into the shore, it’s a great feeling.  Easy to do for kids too so could be a family activity.

Your bucket list could look very different to the ones we have suggested.  It’s all personal choice.  But bucket list items should make you feel great when you achieve them and we know that the joys you can get from these 5 activities are huge.  We are big fans of nature, it’s all around us and it offers fantastic escape and therapy from the busy modern world.  Getting out of the city, donning a warm Kosin hoodie or sweatshirt and getting your nature on will make memories that will last forever.  So go on, what are you waiting for?

Here at Kosin we want you to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.  The best way to keep warm when you are out and about in nature is in one of our made to order, ethical and sustainable hoodies or sweatshirts for men, women and kids.  Check out our unique designs and illustrations in our latest collection HERE.