Make it a Sustainable Christmas

Kosin lifestyle and surf clothing

When we started up the Kosin brand, one of our big drivers and motivations was to make sure we were as sustainable as possible.  As surfers, we care a lot about how we treat our oceans and our planet and realised, as a small business, we wanted to make as tiny a footprint as possible when it comes to the materials we use, the methods of printing and the waste we didn’t want to produce.  We wanted to be adventurous yet conscientious and a brand for like-minded people.

Bon Clothing 

With all that in mind we recently found a wonderful company in Bristol, called Bon Clothing, who hold the same values as us and could make our products even more sustainable and our footprint even smaller.
Flo and Josh founded Bon Clothing in Bristol, where we are based, and their whole ethos is slow and sustainable, vegan friendly and as environmentally ethical as possible.  Their clothing is made from using the best eco-friendly and cruelty free materials.  They hand screen-print all the designs to order so there are no wasted items eventually ending up in landfill.  Not only that, their studio is solar powered!  Amazing.
So now, all our clothing, except the outlet range, will be screen printed to order by Flo and Josh.  This process will mean that the delivery time for orders will be a little longer so please be aware, particularly when buying gifts. Delivery time is likely to be about a week – 9 days for “made to order” products, so it’s a good idea to check out our range of hoodies, sweatshirts and beanies for Christmas presents sooner rather than later.

Sea Swim Challenge Range

One of our charity partners is The 365 Sea Swim Challenge, a team of wonderfully crazy people who have raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities by swimming in open water 365 days of the year without a wetsuit!  As you know, the benefits of cold-water swimming are well documented so it’s great that the team have made this into a fundraising exercise.  To support them we had a bespoke design made for a range of t-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts for the cause and the profits made from the sales go to one of their charities – currently the Seal Project in Brixham, Devon.  Our Sea Swim Challenge range can be found HERE
These items are made from either 100% ring spun cotton or the salvage range, using plastic bottles recycled into polyester and then woven with offcuts from cotton t-shirts to make a fantastic poly-cotton fabric.

 It's our time

When we were younger, we always thought that saving the planet was someone else’s responsibility, “someone else will do it”.  One day we realised that that someone needed to be us.  More and more people we talk to are feeling the same, making incremental changes to their lifestyles – be it eating less meat or fish, buying organic food, recycling more and so on.  Kosin is a brand that has made its own incremental changes so that you can feel guilt free when ordering from our range.  Be assured, anything else we can do, we will.  Always looking to improve and do our bit.  Have a happy and sustainable Christmas guys!
Here at Kosin we are all about sustainable and ethical clothing production and products.  We want to make a difference to protect our oceans and planet as it’s time we all tried to make a difference where we can.  Our made to order collection of sweatshirts and hoodies make fantastic Christmas presents for the family and will, not only help the planet, but could help keep your heating bills down too if you layer up! Check out our collection HERE.