How to Mentally Survive Christmas

Ahhhh Christmas.  When we think of Christmas it’s all cosy fires, heaps of delicious food, extravagant presents being opened on the floor in your pyjamas and spending time with family.  Or that’s what it used to be like…

The past few years have turned Christmas a little on its head.  Lockdown, Omicron, and now we have the cost-of-living crisis lurking around in the back of our minds.  We’re all affected by it.  Many of us haven’t turned the heating on yet.  Thankfully it has been a mild autumn so make the most of the warmer weather and layering up in your favourite Kosin clothing for as long as you can! 

There is also a mental strain which comes with the joy of Christmas. Keeping Uncle Barry out of trouble, making sure the mother-in-law has enough to keep her occupied, all whilst trying to keep yourself and your family sane!

Here are our top tips on how to mentally survive Christmas from both a cost saving and stress reducing perspective:


Now could be a good time to talk to your loved ones about being a little more frugal all round this Christmas.  If it’s expected, it should be fine.  A little less spend on gifts, maybe fewer luxury food items and keep it simple.  If you all agree to spend a little less, no one will be disappointed.  You are in it together so make an agreement and stick to it.

Make a plan

You may already do this at Christmas but making written lists and a financial plan would help.  Agree a price for gifts and write down what people want and how much you will spend.  Make another list for food and drink and where you will buy it all.  Choose the cheaper supermarkets, even if you wouldn’t normally.

Share the cost

If you are joining up for the day with other people, why don’t you all split the cost.  If you all agree to chip in with the food it will help enormously.  Pride ain’t welcome here this year!  Granny could bring the veg, sister could bring desserts, cousin could bring the cheeseboard etc.  It will take the pressure off the host and you will all feel like you contributed to the day. 


We are massive fans of recycling here at Kosin! You must have some unused rolls of wrapping paper shut in a cupboard somewhere that you never used?  Leftover cards from packs of previous years?  You may even have gifts that you have received that you never used, that you could give to people (just make sure you aren’t giving it straight back to the person who bought it!). Recycling is a great way to cut back, maybe even agree to wrap presents in old magazines or newspaper!? The majority of our clothing is made from recycled polyester as sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. 

Get out in Nature as much as possible

The Kosin brand is all about exploring nature whatever the season. If you are struggling to enjoy Christmas, and let’s be honest, many people find it a tough season for various reasons, make sure you do whatever you can to support your mental health.  If it means sneaking off on Boxing Day for a cheeky surf, make sure you do.  And don’t forget to layer up with your favourite Kosin hoodie! If you aren’t near the beach, walks in nature (with or without the in-laws) are always good for the soul and give you time to breathe.  Getting out every day will help you keep your mind clear and will boost your mood. 

Back to basics

Christmas on a shoestring doesn’t have to be a bad Christmas.  Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, whoever they are to you, taking time out from work or school and maybe fitting in some tradition.  Look in your local paper or Facebook groups for lovely events that don’t cost anything to go to like carol singing, watching a nativity or Christmas fayres.  You don’t have to go to Lapland for a good time.  You may even find, at the end of the Christmas season, that you had an even better time keeping it simple.  It could even change your Christmas tradition forever!

Here at Kosin we love a traditional family Christmas.  We’re all about spending time with loved ones and this year we’ll be wearing our toasty warm Kosin hoodies more and turning the heating on less to cut costs where we can.  This Christmas we’re introducing our Outlet Collection of Kosin t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies at lower prices to help keep your Christmas shopping bill down. Plus, to help our customers a little more, we’ve removed all UK shipping costs! If you’re looking for Christmas gift inspiration for men, women and kids, check out Kosin’s surf and lifestyle inspired Outlet Clothing Collection here.