Discovering the Great Outdoors in 2023

Happy New Year to you all!  We hope you had a wonderful festive time and welcomed the new year in with positive vibes and thoughts on what you would like 2023 to mean for you.  We’re not big on new year resolutions, but a new year means a clean slate and a new opportunity to do what you love.  For us, it’s surfing and being outdoors as much as possible.  The clean air of the coast and catching a great wave is what our happiness is all about, and then warming up after a surf, in a warm hoodie with a cuppa!  But what is your happy?  It may be to get healthy again after all the indulgence of the festive season.  Well there is nothing healthier than the great outdoors.

Get Back Outdoors

Outside the air is fresh, nature is rewarding, and the surf is exhilarating.  They call it Vitamin Sea for a reason.  That feeling where the blood is pumping through your whole body, your muscles burn as you paddle through the waves to get out to the best ones, the cold water on your face washes away any winter lethargy and you feel alive!  It’s our favourite tipple!

If you aren’t able to get to the beach though, improvise with what you have got.  Local parks or woods for walks or mountain biking, local rivers for paddle boarding or kayaking, local swimming lakes or calm seas for some wild swimming (please make sure you check that wherever you want to swim, paddle or kayak is safe and used by others).  This may be activities that you have done before, or it may be time to brave a new hobby!

 New Hobby

A new year, and all the promise it holds, is a great time for you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new.  If you try it at new year when you are feeling brave and reborn, you are likely to find something you may continue.  We can recommend surfing, of course, but what is it that you have always thought “I’d love to try that”. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive; we are all facing a tougher start to the year financially than anyone has experienced in years and the end is unknown, but the outdoors is always there and generally free as a baseline.  If you have friends with a paddle board or kayak, for instance, ask to borrow them for a day.  Surf schools are not a huge expense, if you have a bike then great, and walking is absolutely free!  Boom! 

Not only that, but the outdoors and mother nature are great for relieving stresses and worries on our minds and our bodies.  It’s so good for the soul to breath the air, take in the views and remember that we are so small on this huge, amazing planet. It can help make our worries seem smaller as well.

Wrap up Warm

So wrap up warm, when out of the water, in one of our snuggly Kosin hoodies or sweatshirts and get out in nature.  Our outlet range means you can purchase some of our items a lot cheaper to help you get through this tough time.  If you didn’t get one for Christmas we can recommend them as a staple for your new outdoorsy lifestyle!  Our products are sustainable and ethical too which can tick another box in your new year goals.  Whatever your new year means for you, have fun, stay safe and make sure you get some fresh air. 

Here at Kosin we want you to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.  The best way to keep warm when you are out and about is in one of our made to order, ethical and sustainable hoodies or sweatshirts for men, women and kids.  We have a selection of bespoke design and colours so take a look at the collection HERE.