Our Journey to Discovery

Surf and lifestyle clothing

 As Spring is well under way and we start storing away our wetsuit hoods and gloves again, we are reminded of how far Kosin has come since its creation nearly one year ago. From escapism inspired hoodies, to the introduction of our kids-wear line, Kosin has revelled in its mission: to build an adventurous and conscientious brand, determined to realise the power of the outdoors.

Joel and Andy, founders of Kosin, set out not only to create a lifestyle brand, but also to give back to local initiatives. Their journey has been impressive, but what motivated these two long-standing friends to embark on this mission?

 Motivation behind the mission

Kosin is Cornish for ‘good friend’ and it’s exactly this type of friendship which is the backbone for this lifestyle brand. After 20 years of friendship, Andy and Joel’s conception of Kosin came during a post-surf coffee and a desire to remain connected with the outdoors, even when stuck in the office!

Both dedicated family men who encourage their own children to embrace the outdoors, Joel and Andy want all people from all backgrounds to have the same experience and feel the benefits of the ocean and the natural world.

“We want to give hope to the weekend surf warriors!”

Joel, father to three young children and originally from Cornwall, loves to surf and feels happiest when he’s at the beach with his family. With a high-pressured job in Wiltshire, Joel is conscious of not letting his passion for the outdoors slip away and understands the importance of remaining connected with nature. Similarly, after a childhood spent in South Africa, Andy is eager to keep surfing part of his busy life.

It was their desire for a balanced life that led them towards this collaboration. Connecting with the surf and outdoor community is one of the drivers behind the company. In fact, a passion to connect with those weekend surf warriors who, like themselves, are working hard during the week to pay their mortgages and bills, but want to embrace the ocean, is where it all started.

Don’t be boxed in

It can be common for people to place others in boxes – a corporate business person, care-giver or a beach bum – but Kosin’s message is clear: no matter what job or responsibilities you have, you can also be an ‘outdoorsy’ person. They believe ‘boxes’ are unnecessary and hinder people from having the confidence to break free and get outside. When you get older and have more responsibilities, getting outdoors can become less frequent, but Kosin aims to break down those barriers and remind everybody of the importance of reconnecting with what makes you happy - whether it be riding waves, climbing mountains, walking through woods, or playing with your kids at the beach.

Stay true to the ‘why?’

In May, Kosin will celebrate is first birthday. We will be reminded of all we have learned during this first year and take those lessons to build on our brand. What we won’t ever forget is why we created this brand in the first place. Staying true to our ‘why?’ will always be at the forefront of what we do. There will always be challenges in life but making time for the outdoors is key to a happy life.

Whether you’re lucky enough to live near your favourite surf spot, or are a weekend surf warrior, Kosin has something for every age and ability. At Kosin, we are inspired by nature and the escapism that can be experienced in the outdoors. Our collection of 100% cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies has the whole family covered for your next outdoor adventure.